The Stress of Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Many Americans understand what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. The worry, stress and anxiety of wondering if they are going to be able to pay all their bills on time, if they’ll have enough money for groceries or even extra cash to buy their kids new clothing.

This worry, stress and anxiety impacts their daily lives; they are fatigued at work, moody and not able to focus on other aspects of their day. This in turn can cause poor job performance and problems at home. Some have tried budgeting, cutting back on costs and other financial exercises, but they don’t seem to work.

One strategic course of action is to contact a credit counselor. Many people think this would be a last ditch effort, and some have treated that way and ruined their finances and credit because they didn’t seek advice earlier. Credit counseling is a viable option if a person can’t seem to get a grip on their credit card payments and personal finances in general.

The focus of credit counseling is to budget, educate and manage all money issues. Once a reputable company is contacted a certified credit counselor (always make certain that the counselors are certified) will assist the consumer with a budget so they can pay off all their monthly bills. At the same time, the company should offer free educational programs, such as online articles and booklets geared toward avoiding debt, repaying debt and other practical financial issues.

If the consumer cannot pay off their debt in a timely manner then credit counseling offers to manage the debt for the consumer. This means negotiating with creditors to establish a debt management plan for a consumer. These plans are arranged by credit counselors and they benefit the consumer because their various credit card bills are combined into one monthly payment. This cuts down on paperwork and the juggling of numerous bills each month. Another benefit of credit counseling is the unique structure of the plans; they are personalized to fit each consumer’s needs and they can usually offer reduced payments, fees, and interest rates, which may eliminate the damaging costs accrued when constantly making late payments.

Credit counseling is like having a partner nearby to help a person understand the finer points of budgeting, find the best possible debt relief alternatives while they are receiving an education on spending and saving. More people who are having problems paying their bills should utilize credit counseling before they damage their credit or face bankruptcy. There is no shame in seeking help, especially when it’s as close as the internet. But be thorough when investigating a company; they should be professional and only hire professional, certified credit counselors.

Living paycheck to paycheck is no way to live if a you can help it. Getting specialized advice on financial matters is a win-win situation. The stress will start to diminish as the bills begin to get paid.

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