How to Save Money by using Smartphone Apps

When looking for new and innovative ways to save money, look no further than your Smartphone! Check out some helpful money saving apps that I have listed below. There are thousands of helpful and frugal applications for Smartphones, so if you use an app that you adore and helps you save money, feel free to send me the information on the App and I can put together a ‘part two’ of this blog post.

1. Gas Buddy — Next time you’re driving on empty, this app tells you the cheapest gas station in your area. You can compare the price per gallon at local gas stations, and this app works with GPS to give you directions to a particular station as well as a convenient map of all nearby stations. With gas prices at $4+ a gallon, shaving a few dollars at every fill-up can add up to over a hundred bucks each year. Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

2. AccuFuel – This app is a fuel efficiency/mileage tracker and spits out slick graphs and quick comparisons of performance. This app is available for iPhones, iPods and iPad’s and is made by Appigo. The cost is only 99 cents from the iTunes app store.

3. Grocery Gadget – Scribbling down grocery lists is so 2006. Simplify your grocery shopping with this handy app – it allows you to easily organize grocery lists, coupons, recipes and more. This app is available for Apple products, Blackberry, Android and Nokia phones. Click here to purchase.

4. App – When you consider buying a product, find out if there are any coupons available for it in the Internet world via this FREE app! This app is available for Apple and Android products.

5. CompareMe – Did you ever have two bags of chips and wondered which one was the better deal based on price and volume? For just $1.99, this application helps solve those issues with different items based on their size and volume. Just type in the price, the unit and the size and this app will tell you which is cheaper. Available for all Apple products.

6. KidsEatFor App – This is a Mommy favorite! This app locates and tells you the local restaurants in your area that are offering “kids Eat Free” nights! This app is guaranteed to save you money and it is FREE. Of course I recommend calling the restaurant in advance to make sure the offer is 100% valid. Available for Android and Apple products.

7. App Shopper – Yes, there’s an App to FIND an App! This app will compare different apps with their features and prices allowing you to get the best functional app for the BEST price. Available for Apple products.

8. KAYAK PRO Flights, Hotels, Flight Tracker – This handy application costs 99 cents and allows you to look for and book flights in addition to staying on top on your itinerary, check in ticket, etc. This app is available for Apple, Blackberry and Android products.

9. Yard Sale Mapper – We routinely encourage Miss Money Bee readers to live a savvy-frugal lifestyle by checking out thift stores and garage sales for huge sales and deals. Now, do your garage sale shopping with ease with this application! This app rounds up listings of nearby yard sales, tag sales and garage sales from and plots them on a Google map that’s perfect for mulit-stop second shoppers. Available for Apple products and its FREE.

10. Amazon Mobile & eBay App — So you’re in a store looking at something that interests you, and naturally you wonder: Is this product all that good? And can I get it cheaper online? The Amazon Mobile app and eBay app helps on both fronts, offering prices and customer reviews that you can quickly scope on your phone. You can browse for similar items too before you decide to buy now, buy later, or forget about the whole thing. This App is FREE and available on all Apple products, Blackberry phones and Androids.