Fun and Frugal Easter Best Buys

Spring time is here, and Easter is approaching – so I thought what better time than now to advise Miss Money Bee reader’s on the best buys for Easter decorations, food and attire. Check out my fun and festive Easter list below to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank!

1. Buy peeps! For those of you unaware of this traditional Easter candy that has been around since the 1950’s, peeps are a yummy marshmallow sweet candy shaped as chicks and bunnies. If you have kids, these delicious treats are super inexpensive and serve as a great Easter gift. If you want to get real crafty, you can create a peep wreathe centerpiece to use for your Easter brunch. Click here to learn how to make one.


2. Kohl’s is a great store that sells numerous fabulous Easter clothes for young girls and boys as well as adults. Sear’s is hosting a great Easter sale for girl’s dresses.  You can find great deals from $17 – $36 for adorable Easter dresses for your little ones.   Another great retailer that offers pretty spring and Easter dresses is Forever 21. Most young 20 something year old women love this store because the prices are great and the clothes are fashionable! You can shop online or go to your local mall – most cities have at least one Forever 21 store in their area.

For the men – Forever 21 has a section for your too! Check out the men’s section online to see if you like what they have to offer.


3. If you want to get crafty for Easter, check out Hershey’s website for some delicious recipes for peanut butter bunny-cakes, Easter inspired cookies, velvety chocolate cream pie and much more!


4. Make a homemade Easter basket instead of buying one! It will be a fun and will save you money! Go to your local craft store and purchase small baskets, ribbon, paper, glitter and spray paint. Cut paper up and crinkle it and create your own Easter grass for the basket. This can be a creative project that allows you to make personalized Easter baskets.


5. Color hard boiled eggs in pastel and pretty colors. Easter egg dye and eggs have a minimal cost and they can go along with your Easter breakfast. Check out this helpful video tutorial to assist you in your egg dying!


6. Have an Easter egg hunt. It’s pretty inexpensive – check your local dollar store for plastic eggs and large bulks of Easter candy. Or use your colored eggs and leave them for the Easter Bunny to hide. When your children awake – the hunt begins! Just make sure you count how many eggs you have hidden. A forgotten rotten Easter egg can really cause an odious problem!


7. Make homemade Rice Krispie eggs! They are SO yummy! Click here for a great recipe and directions to making this yummy snack.


8. Plan on having a special Easter brunch or dinner? Make Easter egg balloons! Simply dot the balloons with office supply stickers and tie them to a string to brighten up your home!


9. Bring some holiday spirit to your table set up and fold your napkins into rabbit-shapes. Click here for instructions on to turn your napkins into bunny’s. 😉


10. Make envelop bunnies filled with Easter candy for your little ones! Anything that involves candy usually makes a child happy.


I hope you enjoyed this fun list of Easter inspired activities and best buys! If you have other great ideas or Easter sales, leave a comment.