As gas prices rise, more people using credit cards to pay at the pump

While many people may be wary of taking on more credit card debt, some are being forced to do so by the high cost of gas these days.

The country has seen the price of gas rise considerably in recent weeks as oil has continued to climb, and some experts predict it could cost as much as $5 per gallon by the summer. This has led more consumers to increase their gas budgets and cut other necessities, or put more gas purchases on their credit cards, according to recent reports.

In response to growing gasoline prices, many consumers are also exploring alternative ways to commute in an effort to save money, including organizing carpools, utilizing public transportation and biking. The counselors at have said that they’ve seen people put additional gas expenses on credit cards, leading them to seek out help and budgeting tips.

Here are a few tips that we have to offer our Miss Money Bee readers:

• Pump the gas slowly and that will help prevent vapors and air pockets from going into your tank, so you get more gas and less air!
• Don’t fill the tank when the oil company gasoline truck is refueling the gas station because there is dirt that gets stirred up in the tanks and if your pumping that into your car the dirt may clog the fuel injectors. Fill up your tank during the coolest parts of the day. This is the time when the gas is most dense.
• Slow down. Many people speed off at a green light and drive fast – do the speed limit and you’ll save money.
• Avoid fast food drive-through windows. You can spend ten or fifteen minutes idling and wasting gas. (and you probably have better food at home…)
• If you are going on a road trip find out the most fuel efficient route. Check traffic, tolls and road conditions.
• Maintain your vehicle by keep the tires properly inflated and get regular tune-ups. When your car runs at its optimum performance it will save you money.