5 Frugal Gifts to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a boyfriend, husband, best friend or family member, you can show them how much you appreciate and love them this Valentine’s Day without over spending.   Money issues can be key factors to problems in relationships of all kinds, so buy your loved ones a Valentine’s Day gift this year that will not leave you in a heap of debt.  We understand you have to balance showing how much you care, not looking cheap while not breaking the bank.  Check out my helpful list of 5 purchases that will show your love on Valentine’s Day without landing you in money problems.

1. Flowers – All women love flowers.  In my personal opinion, I feel as if you can’t go wrong with getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Although something simple as flowers can cost a pretty penny, here are some great online sites that are offering Valentine Deals:  ProFlowers.com is offering a $20 special for long stemmed roses; 1800flowers.com is offering 20% off on flowers delivered Valentine’s Weekend; order-flowers-delivery.com is offering more than 50% off on their Valentine bouquet’s.

2. Write a love letter – Express your affection and love with a personalized and decorative letter. It will cost you almost nothing to write a steamy letter to your loved one while still allowing you to express your passion and appreciation for your loved one. You can also burn the edges with a lighter to make the letter appear 19th century-like. With 21st century technology, no one ever takes the time to hand write a real love letter anymore, so the thought will be much more appreciated

3. Bake with affection – Instead of over spending on expensive impersonal chocolates, bake for your loved one this Valentine’s Day!  Now you could make your cookies from scratch (check out foodnetwork.com/recipes and cooks.com/rec) but if you’re baking handicap like me, buy the cookie dough of your choice from your grocery store and in 15 minutes you can have delicious Valentine cookies.  The cost won’t exceed $5 for the dough and with a few cookie cutters (hearts, stars, etc.) via Target or Wal-Mart and pink and red frosting, you can serve your Valentine a sweet treat for a fourth of the cost.  Search the term “How to make Valentine Cookies” on YouTube.com and you will get great step-by-step advice for how to execute your heart shaped treats.

4.  Picnic on the beach – Although this really only applies for my fellow Floridians, because we are one of the few that have great warm weather right now and access to a beach, I would suggest a picnic on the beach as a Valentine’s Day gift! I would ADORE my friend or significant other if they surprised me with a bottle of wine and a basket of food to eat on the beach.  Giving someone your time and energy is one of the best gifts someone can give.   Luckily you can execute a picnic on the beach for under $40 and it is thoughtful and romantic.

5. Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Day Doughnuts Plus Cards: Who doesn’t LOVE Krispy Kreme? For those of you who do, Krispy Kreme is offering Valentine’s Day themed doughnuts and with 12 FREE Valentine’s Day cards (while supplies last) up until February 14, 2011.  Each Valentine’s Day card has a coupon attached that is good for one FREE Krispy Kreme doughnut or cup of coffee or hot chocolate! YUMMY!! Click here for the locations participating in your area.

I hope these ideas help you create great memories and an AMAZING Valentine’s Day with your loved one or friends.   Also, remember that Valentine’s Day is not just about couples, it’s about showing the people in your life, including family and friends, how much you value them and appreciate them!  To the single ladies and gentlemen, have a girls night/guys night out on Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend.  You don’t need a spouse to have a great and love-filled Valentine’s Day! ;0)

About the Author: Samantha Savory is a 20-something-year-old recent communications graduate whose mission is to financially succeed and thrive in this economy. She writes about personal finance and anything related to shopping and saving money.