Personal Stories of Debt; How to Overcome and Thrive

Each year Consolidated Credit holds a short story contest for their clients. The Miss Money Bee writers would like to congratulate the winners and share their inspirational stories with you!

Melissa Cupp and Chris Korb are a married couple from Berryton, KS. who’s story begins: Two summers ago, we hit financial rock bottom. Both my husband and I had been wearing “rose colored glasses” in respect to our finances and merrily charging up the credit cards. Life was good until we realized we no longer had enough money to cover our monthly bills. (read more)
 Lourdes Nicole Armijo lives in Miami, FL. and this is her story: I graduated high school in June of 1999. The day I graduated, I dreamt up lots of plans, which included going away to college and getting a place of my own. I suppose it is the dream most high school graduates have – not really knowing that reality is a bit harsher. (read more)
Darany Moun lives in Whittier, CA and she wrote to us about her experience when she joined our program: I would like to share a special story about your services – – particularly about one of your employees. I thought it was a great coincidence as I wanted to show great gratitude to the person who assisted me – – Sheila West, one of your Senior Account Manager. (read more)