A Personal Story About Drowning in a Sea of Financial Debt

We are receiving stories from people about their money struggles and we wanted to take this opportunity to share them with you.  If you have a story you would like to share, please email us.

Imagine drowning in a sea of financial debt and feeling totally helpless. No help in sight. No life saver. No sign of firm land. The feeling can often drive you to inconsolable tears.- Davian 

My name is Davian. And I would like to share with you my story. Do you remember when you got your first credit card? It was such an in powering feeling. I thought I could have anything and do anything. The world was, as they say…my oyster!

I could invite my friends to the best restaurants. Buy clothes, and electronics. Nothing seemed out of reach! As the bills grew right under my nose, I was so naive and oblivious to the mounting debt. I was cocky. I always thought I was in control. I can always pay it back. I even put a down payment on my first car using my newly acquired credit.

Then reality set in. I found myself completely helpless. Overwhelmed! Like on a sinking vessel!! Like on life support waiting to have the machine turned off. I had never been in this situation. What an awful feeling!!

What now?? What was I going to do? My credit destroyed. The collection companies smelling blood in the water. Hounding me. And threatening me.

And then I found a way out. I was up late one night when the commercial for Consolidated Credit on the television. Like some of you, I was so skeptical. Then I met a representative. Her name was Sheila West.

I didn’t have to wait. She saw me the same day. I was depressed and nervous. I really came in to the meeting thinking that my problem was far out of reach. With one swift phone call, Sheila made a deal with my creditor and got them to stop calling. She showed personal interest and concern. She arranged a plan I could afford. And she always stayed in touch with me online. She was never too busy to answer my emails and provide important answers to my every question and concern. She was that lifesaver I desperately needed.

Today, I am glad to say, I will have now finished paying my debts in just a few months! I want to thank Mrs.West and Consolidated.  The feeling I once had of going to bed every night and feeling so helpless……..is now gone.  I feel the peace of mind that even someone like me……..YES!! EVEN ME………. Can dig out of this mess and find financial relief.  A famous author once expressed this thought with which I conclude this letter.

“What can be added to the happiness of man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?”Adam Smith