Top Five Fightening Credit Card Tricks that Last Beyond Halloween!

Avoid these credit card tricks to treat yourself to a better credit outlook.

Whether you pay off your credit card balance in full each month or are struggling your way out of credit card debt, the card companies have ways of sneaking in extra charges.

Keep an eye out for these tricks:

1. Pursuing the uncreditworthy.

Creditors often prey on those who are least creditworthy (and who are usually pretty naive) by scanning credit records for telltale signs that you are a target for very high interest rates.

2.  The magically appearing annual fee.

You signed up for a card with no annual fee. Then, Blammo! Out of the blue you find one.

3.  The disappearing introductory offer.

You signed up because of the advertised 5% interest charges. After 6 months, you find they’ve mysteriously increased to 18%. You didn’t read the small print.

4.  Card protection insurance.

Cancel all your cards with one simple phone call. Oh, and don’t forget to pay us lots of money for the privilege.

5.  And the number one trick…

The special offer: Some companies offer a one month’s minimum payment holiday. But what they neglect to tell you is that they’ll still charge you the interest!