Last Minute Halloween Shopping

Halloween is a few days away. Do you have your Halloween costume? If not, you don’t have to panic. You can still get your Halloween shopping done before the witching hour.  However, before you rush out to the local Halloween store, get a plan together.

Online Shopping

You can still order your Halloween costume online. Party City is running a Big Costume Sale where you can save up to 80% off your costume, and if you order more than $65 you can qualify for Free Next Day Air and get it by Halloween. Make sure you order soon because it’s a limited time offer and Party City is only promising Halloween delivery if you order before October 28th.

If you find a better Halloween deal somewhere else, just make sure to check to the shipping. Sometimes that can make or break your decision to order your costume online. Also, each retailer has different “by Halloween” order dates so make sure to check the delivery dates before you pay for your order.

Shop Around Town

Many local retailers are having big sales on their Halloween costumes. Pick up the phone, and make a few phone calls to find out if they have the costume you’re looking for. If you have trouble getting a sales representative, then you might have to jump in your car and visit a few stores. There are a few Halloween sales that are happening right now, including Kmart which is offering up to 50% off Halloween costumes.

Raid Your Closet

Go through your closet and update last year’s Halloween costume. Harry Potter can turn into a Vampire with a little make-up. A princess costume can turn into a fairy with a pair of wings. If you’re clean out of costumes, go through your old clothes and make a zombie, scarecrow or hobo costume. Your costume is only limited by what you have on hand and your imagination. Here are some cheap, last minute ideas:

  • Animal Planet – throw on some animal print, add ears and use some make up and you could be a lion, zebra, leopard or other favorite animal.
  • Jersey Shore – add some tanning spray, hairspray and fake nails with some tight, loud clothes and you have the makings of Jersey Shore gang.
  • Lady Gaga – add a wig, an old prom gown and some accessories, you could go as that popular Pop star.
  • Twilight – It doesn’t matter if you’re an Edward, Jacob or Bella fan. Just raid your casual clothes, add a little make-up and maybe a Twilight accessory or temporary tattoo and you could be your favorite paranormal character.

Go Vintage

Visit a consignment shop and find clothes out of the 1920’s for your Boardwalk Empire costume. Take a trip to the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s with a few clothes and accessories at the thrift store. Because they’re vintage clothes, you’ll get an authentic look to your costume that you couldn’t buy at a regular Halloween costume store.

Happy Halloween and good luck with your shopping. If you have any more ideas for last minute shoppers, please add your comments below.

About the Author

The following post is from Kathryn Katz, a Certified Personal Finance Counselor who works for Consolidated Credit in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Their non-profit agency helps families through financial crisis using credit counseling, debt consolidation and financial education.