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Miss Money Bee is a personal finance blog that helps household decision makers – specifically women and moms – to make smart financial choices in their everyday lives. Whether you need debt and credit management advice or seasonal budgeting tips, we’ve got you covered!

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Learn how to earn cash back without using a credit card
Cash Back Debit Cards: You Don’t Need Credit Cards for Cash Back Rewards
You don't need a credit card to earn cash back rewards! Learn how to get cash back without using a credit card by taking advantage of the same offers on your debit card.

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COVID-19 Scam Alert
Be aware of consumer scams as the pandemic continues. Federal agencies have identified seven scams that prey on consumers’ anxiety and desire to help others in need. Read on for the details and tips on how to remain vigilant and what to do if you've fallen victim.
Work from home
Working Remotely Can Help You Save and Even Earn More
Industries like technology are uniquely suited to working remotely. Learn how working from home can help you save money and eventually earn more.
Woman sipping coffee
How to Save Money and Still Have Fun
Incidental spending can add up to a hefty bill. Cutting out trips to the avocado toast bar or coffee shop can lead to huge savings. However, there are ways to save money without sacrificing fun altogether.

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Working to pay off all that credit card debt that you amassed over the winter holidays and the start of the year? Use our credit card payoff calculator to see how fast you can pay it off with larger fixed payments, and how much that will save you versus minimum payments