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Most Americans Fail in Financial Well-Being

October 6, 2017

Are you passing or failing in the financial well-being department? You might think that self-grading would lead to positively skewed results, right? But most Americans who took part in a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) study say they’re failing. Read on for the details of the interesting study and for tips on what you can do to improve your grade.


Millennials Want Employee Perks to Go to the Dogs

September 29, 2017

Purina PetCare asked Millennial workers what they value most as an employee perk. Their response surprisingly or perhaps unsurprisingly, had nothing to do with cats or their bottom line, and much to do with their environment at work. But will having Fido at work really be a benefit or a distraction?


Pinching Pennies: The Cost of Financial Stress in the Workplace

September 22, 2017

Stress! Who doesn’t feel stressed from time to time. Regardless of the sources of stress in our lives, it creates rippling effects —
from illness like hypertension to decreased productivity at work. What does financial stress at work look like? Quill explains it in this infographic.


Following the devastating flood of Hurricane Harvey, we explain how to help Houston flood victims

How To Help Houston After Harvey

August 30, 2017

As Texas reels from Hurricane Harvey, people around the country are looking for ways to help Houston with the recovery process. Natural disasters like this have a pattern of bringing out the best in people, but inevitably scam artists also come out of the wood work. They attempt to profit by encouraging you to donate […]


You can have a sunny outlook if you start Christmas Budgeting in July

Christmas Budgeting in July

July 25, 2017

We’re not fans of throwing money away on made-up holidays, but we are fans of starting to budget for Christmas in July. We offer four key tips for how to spread costs out over your next 10-12 paycheck so you can avoid debt.


Cool DIY Tips for a Hot Summer Wedding

June 9, 2017

It’s wedding season and of course saving money is always in season. Destination wedding photographer Vincent of Pixan Photography shares 10 cool do-it-yourself tips to help you have a hot and budget friendly summer wedding. From winesicle treats to photobooth entertainment and parasols for shading.


9 Ways to Add Income from Home

April 21, 2017

Jobs hard to come by or need money to cover gaps in your budget? Whether through unemployment or insufficient income Jessica Cooper, a finance copywriter, offers nine ways to add income from the comfort of your own home.


Protect your refund from tax ID theft

My Social Security is the Right Tool for You

January 30, 2017

This week (Jan 30-Feb 3) is Tax Identity Theft Awareness week. To mark the occasion, we explain why you need to sign up for a “my Social Security” account in order to help prevent tax identity theft. This extra step could save you a big hassle and help protect your refund.


An End of Life Checklist To Leave The Legacy You Want

January 24, 2017

Whether you’re rich or not, it is important that you put things in place to make sure your end of life and legacy are dignified. Financial advisor Jaime Cowper, offers a checklist and numerous tips to help you ensure the legacy you leave behind is what you would’ve wanted want.


A beautiful review of Beautiful Money

The Beautiful Truth in Beautiful Money

January 5, 2017

We review Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs – a book that’s exactly in line with principles we already promote here on Miss Money Bee, like SMART Goals and Money Mantras. If you need some extra reading this year, this book is worth picking up!


Women Face Unique Risks in Retirement Planning

December 16, 2016

Planning for retirement is challenging especially for women whether married,widowed or single. Let’s see, they live longer than men and earn less than men, yet they plan for retirement in the same fashion that men do. Gabby Revel, a personal finance, beauty and fashion writer, outlines some tips to help women plan successfully for their golden years.


How Much Does Thanksgiving Cost at Your House?

November 23, 2016

Turkey Day is almost here. And you’ve probably already spent a fortune on making plans to celebrate the time honored tradition with family and friends. In fact crunched the numbers and found that collectively Americans will spend over a $1 Billion on Thanksgiving. They say the key to coming out of Turkey Day without wracking up debt is the dreaded B-word.