Here’s what’s really buzzing on Miss Money Bee today. We’ll help you keep your hive buzzing along so you can reach your goals and take the sting out of life’s financial challenges.

Cheat on your credit card homework

Linda P. Discovers It's Not Hard To Live Without Credit Cards

June 23, 2017

For many, the thought of living without credit cards can bring on anxiety. Linda P. among them. Carrying $17,000 in credit debt, she knew something had to give in order to get on the right financial path. Consolidated Credit's debt management program helped her get out of debt and helped her realize that living without credit cards isn't as terrifying as she once thought.


Millennials look in all the wrong places for home renovation

Attention Millennial Homeowners: You’re Probably Doing Home Renovation Projects Wrong

June 26, 2017

Here’s what’s really buzzing on Miss Money Bee today. We’ll help you keep your hive buzzing along so you can reach your goals and take the sting out of life’s financial challenges.


Cool DIY Tips for a Hot Summer Wedding

June 9, 2017

It's wedding season and of course saving money is always in season. Destination wedding photographer Vincent of Pixan Photography shares 10 cool do-it-yourself tips to help you have a hot and budget friendly summer wedding. From winesicle treats to photobooth entertainment and parasols for shading.


Why Retired Women Are More Prone To Financial Crisis

April 28, 2017

Retired women are more prone to financial crisis than men due to numerous factors. But retirement-income planner and author, Jeannette Bajalia, says these steps will help prepare women for a financially successful retirement.


9 Ways to Add Income from Home

April 26, 2017

Jobs hard to come by or need money to cover gaps in your budget? Whether through unemployment or insufficient income Jessica Cooper, a finance copywriter, offers nine ways to add income from the comfort of your own home.


Life & Debt: Not your typical self-help book, I swear

April 28, 2017

Debt Sucks and often getting out is no easy feat. But Leslie Tayne Attorney–Debt Therapist and author of a new book, “Life and Debt–a fresh approach to achieving financial wellness,” says learning to love your debt is the first step to getting rid of it. That's exactly what she did and is now sharing tips and strategies to help you (and me) on our journeys out of debt.


10 Tax Deductions You May Be Overlooking

February 17, 2017

For many tax season couldn’t come soon enough to recoup some extra cash. Because of course every penny counts. But are you maximizing your tax refund? The folks at Wheels for Wishes say many people are leaving these 10 tax deductions on the table. Find out what they are and what you can do to make sure you're taking advantage of all the deductions available to you.


Protect your refund from tax ID theft

My Social Security is the Right Tool for You

January 30, 2017

This week (Jan 30-Feb 3) is Tax Identity Theft Awareness week. To mark the occasion, we explain why you need to sign up for a “my Social Security” account in order to help prevent tax identity theft. This extra step could save you a big hassle and help protect your refund.


An End of Life Checklist To Leave The Legacy You Want

January 24, 2017

Whether you’re rich or not, it is important that you put things in place to make sure your end of life and legacy are dignified. Financial advisor Jaime Cowper, offers a checklist and numerous tips to help you ensure the legacy you leave behind is what you would’ve wanted want.


Infographic: Diagnosing America’s Medical Debt

January 13, 2017

Medical debt is wreaking havoc on the financial health of many Americans. And it’s not only the uninsured. Which begs the question, "Why are insured Americans still struggling with bills?" This infographic explores how out-of-pocket health care costs have become a leading cause of America’s debt and credit problems and offers tips for finding relief.


A beautiful review of Beautiful Money

The Beautiful Truth in Beautiful Money

January 5, 2017

We review Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs – a book that's exactly in line with principles we already promote here on Miss Money Bee, like SMART Goals and Money Mantras. If you need some extra reading this year, this book is worth picking up!


Women Face Unique Risks in Retirement Planning

December 19, 2016

Planning for retirement is challenging especially for women whether married,widowed or single. Let's see, they live longer than men and earn less than men, yet they plan for retirement in the same fashion that men do. Gabby Revel, a personal finance, beauty and fashion writer, outlines some tips to help women plan successfully for their golden years.


15 Flight Hacks you can use for Ridiculously Cheap Bookings Today

December 12, 2016

Looking for a flight but every time you go back to check the price it gets higher and higher? If you're travelling this holiday season and yet to book your flight, has 15 hacks to help you land "Ridiculously Cheap Bookings Today."


How Much Does Thanksgiving Cost at Your House?

November 23, 2016

Turkey Day is almost here. And you've probably already spent a fortune on making plans to celebrate the time honored tradition with family and friends. In fact crunched the numbers and found that collectively Americans will spend over a $1 Billion on Thanksgiving. They say the key to coming out of Turkey Day without wracking up debt is the dreaded B-word.


"The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Couponing"

November 18, 2016

Clipping Coupons can be time consuming. When done strategically, the payoff can be very rewarding. This "Ultimate Guide to Extreme Couponing" has a detailed strategy of how to coupon and stay organized to reap the ultimate reward -- savings.


How Althea Paid Off 20K In Credit Card Debt

November 4, 2016

There are numerous reasons why we may fall into problems with debt. For Althea, it was repairs to her floor and what she calls “material foolishness.” But regardless of the reason or reasons for her $20,000 credit card debt, Consolidated Credit helped her achieve freedom from debt.


Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Seriously Harrowing

October 28, 2016

Halloween! A day filled with fun, treats and sweets but can turn sour in the absence of safety measures. To help keep you and your family safe, created "A Mother’s Complete Guide to Halloween Safety". It also includes a checklist to help you prepare for the spooktacular holiday. Check it out.


65 Ways to Stretch Your Wedding Budget, Without Giving Up the Luxury

October 21, 2016

Planning your nuptials or know anyone planning to walk down the aisle? We all want our special day to be spectacular without breaking the bank or budget. Bella Sera an Event Center in Denver, Colorado with many years of experience in the business offers 65, yes 65 tips, to help make your wedding day look and feel luxurious for as little as possible.


The Three Biggest Lies Outlet Malls Will Try to Sell You

October 14, 2016

We think it’s safe to say that everyone loves a ‘sale’ or good deal and perhaps shopping outlet malls too. But are the prices listed on items really reduced prices and if so are they identical to the items you’d find at non-outlet stores? Oh, and the MSRP the manufacturer's suggested retail price, does it mean anything? Here’s what our intern discovered when she took a trip to the Sawgrass Mills, one of the nation's most renowned shopping outlets known for its high quality goods at discounted prices.


4 Tips For Making Your Retirement Savings Last Longer

September 30, 2016

Many Americans on the cusp of retirement say their biggest financial fear is outliving their finances. And, those who’ve already retired, say their biggest regret is not saving enough to live the life they dreamed of in their golden years. Chuck Price, president of Price Financial Group Wealth Management Inc. and author of “Investing Simplified: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” shares four tips to help make your retirement savings last longer in your golden years.