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What’s Your Black Friday Shopping Strategy?

November 17, 2017

Are you planning on braving the crowds this Black Friday? Consolidated Credit is sharing tips to help you craft the right plan to beat the crowds, score the best deals and avoid overspending on items not on your list.


5 Essential Finance Tips for High School Seniors

November 10, 2017

A good foundation in personal finance leads to financially independent adults. Amber Westover shares 5 tips to help high school seniors gain financial confidence as they enter adulthood – from building and checking your credit report and using credit cards wisely to avoiding unnecessary debt, saving strategically and planning for retirement.


Smart Identity Theft Protection Tips

November 3, 2017

When it comes to identity theft no one is immune. And with the holidays approaching, which by the way seems to be the prime season for identity thieves to strike, we have to be vigilant and take all steps necessary to protect our identity and that of all those entrusted to our care. How? Check out this Identity Theft Protection infographic for tips on how to protect your personal data and information, how to spot identity theft and steps to recover.


Frightening Statistics for Halloween 2017

October 26, 2017

Halloween is just a couple days away which means the most expensive season of the year is upon us. With 68.5 Americans planning to partake in this holiday, Consolidated Credit look at shopping statistics for Halloween 2017 and found that Americans will shell out $9.1 Billion this Halloween. Check out the Frightening Halloween Statistics Infographic plus 5 smart tips to avoid creepy credit card debt.


10 Money Hacks that Cut Financial Challenges Down to Size

October 20, 2017

If you have monstrous debt, you want to check out this infographic to achieve financial stability. Consolidated Credit is sharing 10 money hacks to help you take control of your debt and help you with any imbalances in your budget.


Most Americans Fail in Financial Well-Being

October 6, 2017

Are you passing or failing in the financial well-being department? You might think that self-grading would lead to positively skewed results, right? But most Americans who took part in a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) study say they’re failing. Read on for the details of the interesting study and for tips on what you can do to improve your grade.


Pinching Pennies: The Cost of Financial Stress in the Workplace

September 22, 2017

Stress! Who doesn’t feel stressed from time to time. Regardless of the sources of stress in our lives, it creates rippling effects —
from illness like hypertension to decreased productivity at work. What does financial stress at work look like? Quill explains it in this infographic.


How Much Should You Tip in 2017?

August 18, 2017

Do you tip? How much should you tip? Who tips the most and why? Study finds both men and women tip. While women tip out of empathy, men has other motivations for doing so. Read on for the fascinating details.


Payday Loans and Debt Consolidation

August 11, 2017

Payday Loans! Curse or blessing? Consolidated Credit weighs the pros and cons of payday loans and offers two consolidation options. Check out this Infographic to see how Americans use payday loans and for options on how to regain control.


Personal Perspectives on Financial Independence

June 30, 2017

Consolidated Credit asked 1,100 consumers what they thought about financial independence and the American Dream today. Check out what they said in this very telling infographic.


Cool DIY Tips for a Hot Summer Wedding

June 9, 2017

It’s wedding season and of course saving money is always in season. Destination wedding photographer Vincent of Pixan Photography shares 10 cool do-it-yourself tips to help you have a hot and budget friendly summer wedding. From winesicle treats to photobooth entertainment and parasols for shading.


9 Ways to Add Income from Home

April 21, 2017

Jobs hard to come by or need money to cover gaps in your budget? Whether through unemployment or insufficient income Jessica Cooper, a finance copywriter, offers nine ways to add income from the comfort of your own home.


10 Tax Deductions You May Be Overlooking

February 17, 2017

For many tax season couldn’t come soon enough to recoup some extra cash. Because of course every penny counts. But are you maximizing your tax refund? The folks at Wheels for Wishes say many people are leaving these 10 tax deductions on the table. Find out what they are and what you can do to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the deductions available to you.


Infographic: Diagnosing America’s Medical Debt

January 13, 2017

Medical debt is wreaking havoc on the financial health of many Americans. And it’s not only the uninsured. Which begs the question, “Why are insured Americans still struggling with bills?” This infographic explores how out-of-pocket health care costs have become a leading cause of America’s debt and credit problems and offers tips for finding relief.


Women Face Unique Risks in Retirement Planning

December 16, 2016

Planning for retirement is challenging especially for women whether married,widowed or single. Let’s see, they live longer than men and earn less than men, yet they plan for retirement in the same fashion that men do. Gabby Revel, a personal finance, beauty and fashion writer, outlines some tips to help women plan successfully for their golden years.