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Miss Money Bee is a personal finance blog that helps household decision makers – specifically women and moms – to make smart financial choices in their everyday lives. Whether you need debt and credit management advice or seasonal budgeting tips, we’ve got you covered!

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The Three Biggest Lies Outlet Malls Will Try to Sell You

October 14, 2016

We think it’s safe to say that everyone loves a ‘sale’ or good deal and perhaps shopping outlet malls too. But are the prices listed on items really reduced prices and if so are they identical to the items you’d find at non-outlet stores? Oh, and the MSRP the manufacturer's suggested retail price, does it mean anything? Here’s what our intern discovered when she took a trip to the Sawgrass Mills, one of the nation's most renowned shopping outlets known for its high quality goods at discounted prices.


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4 Tips For Making Your Retirement Savings Last Longer

September 30, 2016

Many Americans on the cusp of retirement say their biggest financial fear is outliving their finances. And, those who’ve already retired, say their biggest regret is not saving enough to live the life they dreamed of in their golden years. Chuck Price, president of Price Financial Group Wealth Management Inc. and author of “Investing Simplified: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” shares four tips to help make your retirement savings last longer in your golden years.


3 Habits Successful Retirees Have That Are Worth Imitating

3 Habits Successful Retirees Have That Are Worth Imitating

September 23, 2016

Ever wondered why some retirees are so successful? Joshua Mellberg, president and founder of J.D. Mellberg Financial (an Investment Advisory Representative and licensed insurance agent, shares 3 habits successful retirees often display that he says are worth emulating so we don’t merely survive but thrive in our golden years.


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How To Tailgate On A Budget

September 20, 2016

Football season is upon us which means tailgating parties and endless spending. Luvleen Sidhu, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of BankMobile, offers four tips to help you score big on party essentials and food without breaking the bank.