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Consolidated Credit

We fixed Danny’s debt problems

Financially Crippled - optFive years ago, Danny was a car mechanic. One day, he crawled into the trunk of a Jeep Cherokee to make some repairs, and he caught his knees on the bumper. This slip pinched the nerves in his spine, leaving him partially paralyzed.

Since then, Danny has been in a wheelchair and unable to work. He now earns only $800 a month in disability and was forced to move in with his brother. There was no way he could pay off his $2,400 in credit card debt – or so he thought.

“I was making decent money and then I got hurt,” he recalls. “I went down to $800 a month and that put me in a big bind. I was getting behind on my credit cards. One night, I turned on the TV and a Consolidated Credit commercial came on. I got a hold of you guys, and it was taken care of.”

Before losing his job…

“I used my cards for everything – clothes, shoes. I would take out one credit card and then another. Then suddenly I lost my job and went on disability because I couldn’t work. I was stuck wondering, ‘Oh my God, what am I going to do?’”

He struggled to make payments before he called …

“The minimum payments were over $100 a month and that was just the minimum. I had three cards withinterest rates as high as 24 percent,” he says.

Now that he’s found a solution, he’s ecstatic…

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