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Miss Money Bee is a personal finance blog that helps household decision makers – specifically women and moms – to make smart financial choices in their everyday lives. Whether you need debt and credit management advice or seasonal budgeting tips, we’ve got you covered!

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New Secrets to a successful retirement

Infographic: Secrets to Successful Retirement

July 22, 2016

The news on retirement planning and readiness can be bleak. Many fear that Social Security will run out by the time they leave the workforce. But with the right strategy and a solid financial plan, it is quite possible to retire successfully. Here are 8 Secrets gathered from the experiences of those on the cusp of retirement.


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Consolidated Helped Mark C. avert 2nd Bankruptcy

July 15, 2016

Mark C. filed for bankruptcy in 2004. Fast forward to a couple years and Mark would find himself drowning in credit card debt. Adamant on not going down the bankruptcy route a second time, he opted for credit counseling and reached out to Consolidated Credit for help. See how the debt management program helped Mark avert bankruptcy and get a fresh start.


Tiny houses: big rewards, bigger challenges

Big Leap to a Tiny House Lifestyle

July 12, 2016

Downsizing to tiny houses is all the rage now, but is it really as cost-effective and beneficial as some TV shows would have you believe? We look closely at what it takes to simplify your life to fit comfortably in a tiny house and find big challenges may stand in your way.



Credit Report Cleaning Instructions Infographic

July 8, 2016

A pristine credit report is paramount if you want to qualify for loans at the best interest rates. It is for this reason that an annually check up is vital in achieving and maintaining good credit health. If your report contains errors and discrepancies, we have some instructions on how to care for and clean your report to achieve a spotless credit profile.